About Us

Metiers Coworking e Café is inspired by the Musée des Arts et Metiers , located in Paris. The museum was inaugurated in 1794 and brings together objects that tell the history of techniques and great inventions of the seven areas of knowledge.

Our coworking also has the distinctive service of an efficient concierge who provides personalized service and makes small time-saving services like deliveries, links, prints etc.

The space is ideal for the experienced professional, who seeks quality, comfort and a friendly home atmosphere. The concept was created by a pair of entrepreneurs: an administrator Christiane Gursching and a lawyer Mabel Alvarado. They have put together some of their personal preferences in one space. Great hospitality, passion for good food and excellent service.

The coworking space has room for twelve people, plus a conference room and a lounge area. Small, but, well organized, it provides a perfect intimate climate for those who prefer to work away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The project is contemporary in the style of cafes and offices in cities like Paris, New York and Oslo. Who signs is the office of Carioca architecture Casa 3.

The smoked glass door provides privacy for regulars and gives access to two decks. The coworking is located on the lower floor and the Metiers Café on the top floor.

The Creators

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Christiane Gursching holds a degree in business administration with an MBA in Business Management from FGV and brings in the experience of both the corporate world and the international market. She worked at Lojas Americanas, in the commercial area of ​​Copacabana Palace and in the star hotel Raddisson, during her time in Naples, a traditional vacation destination in Florida, United States.

She was born in Rio but brings in the DNA a bit of the influence of the French great-grandmother and the German great-grandfather, on the part of father. The result is a taste for entrepreneurship, innovation and appreciation for details. The idea of ​​creating one's own space at first was a plan for retirement that came from the desire to spend more time with family and have more quality of life.

But while attending the MBA in Strategic Management at FGV, he met his current partner, the Chilean businesswoman based in Brazil, Mabel Alvarado. In a chat on the beach in the classic Sunday evening at Leblon, the duo slammed the hammer and decided to put the idea into practice.

Mabel Alvarado is a tax lawyer and has experience as a consultant in business law and management for about 20 years. In addition to the law degree at PUC Minas, she has a versatile and up-to-date curriculum that includes a post in Innovation at Unicamp and a master's degree in Strategy and Innovation at IBMEC.

Mabel came to Brazil with her family as a child and at 18 decided to stay in the country with the brothers, even with her parents' return to Chile. He lived in several cities, fell in love with the Carioca lifestyle and planned to change his business for two years to establish himself definitively in Rio in 2014.

The talent for the business and the passion for gastronomy are inheritances of an enterprising family and united by the unforgettable recipes of the mother.


Metiers  is the result of Chris and Mabel's trajectory. Each detail translates the memories and experiences they have acquired over time. The taste for quality, to receive well and the constant search for innovation are gathered in this space designed to act as an intimate environment that offers comfort, security and brings people closer together. Prerequisites for good conversations, insights and good business!


Building the dream