The Orfeu coffee


Direct from Minas

At Metiers Café we work with the Orfeu coffee, an award-winning, high-quality grain produced in the high mountains of southern Minas. The careful cultivation, the special flavor and the sustainability present in all stages of production, make Orfeu a product with the same standard of the best special coffees in the world.



The seedlings are developed at Fazenda Sertãozinho, where the coffee is planted, harvested, roasted, packed and delivered. Grain selection is manual and both trouble and pursuit of excellence has resulted in market recognition. Orfeu is Brazil's most award-winning specialty coffee category, champion of the Late Harvest Competition (Switzerland), twice Coffee of the Year at the International Coffee Fair and four times elected Cup of Excellence Brazil.


The Farm

The farm also has large reserve areas and plant around two thousand trees per year, preserving the local vegetation. UTZ international certification ensures adequate agricultural practices and the well-being of workers, with access to health and education. Sertãozinho also has the organic seal of IBD, and is the only Brazilian farm with IFOM international accreditation, whose premise is the commitment to the land and to the worker.

Accurate cultivation, constant search for the ideal taste, respect for the environment and good working conditions make Orfeu a coffee that is compatible with our philosophy of work. We invite you to taste this special and inviting little taste that comes from Minas.