The Metiers Coworking & Café is a shared work space with two different working environments, located in the center  of  Assembleia Street, in downtown Rio. It functions as an oasis designed to create a cozy and productive workplace with a charming gourmet coffee shop, located on the top floor.

Our Symbols

The symbols below are an intrinsic part of the Metiers Coworking & Café identity. Each represents a practical application of space and shows how to use each environment.





Our Services

Metiers Coworking is the ideal choice for those looking for a warm, quiet and super productive work environment. Our concierge system offers facilities designed to save you time and speed up the work process. With a strategic location in the center of Rio, the space also offers conference rooms and a lounge area for that much needed break. Would you like to know our plans and schedule a visit?

Metiers Café shares the space with the coworking area and is located on the upper floor . Only a flight of stairs separates the two environments, which creates a somewhat tempting mood for those who are working. Imagine resisting a menu with more than ten versions of gourmet coffee produced in the south of Minas Gerais, Brownie of Luiz, Italian desserts, among other delicacies. All of this with contemporary decor inspired by international coffees and adapted to our style.


We create solutions to deliver more comfort and productivity


Specialized service in tasks like connections, reservations, prints, etc.


High-speed Wi-Fi


You can make copies and prints in high resolution

Coffee, Water and Tea

Several teas, water and coffee at will throughout the day


A fridge for you to bring your own beverage


A microwave oven is available for your convenience

At the Heart of Rio de Janeiro

Coffee Highlights

Coffee Cookie Shot

Delicious coffee served in a cookie shot glass with chocolate topping. Here you also eat the cup!

Luiz's Brownie

Luiz Brownie is the best blend of chocolate and happiness.

Cheese bread

Nuu cheese bread comes from Minas Gerais, and is made from an authentic recipe, lots of cheese and no preservatives. Perfect to accompany a coffee or cappuccino.

Love Cake

The Cake of Love is delicious ... Try it!